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Exclusive North American Importer for the European Benchmark in Pet Safety, Travel & Convenience Products


"A dog is man’s best friend" ...

... and you should take care of your friends. We all enjoy taking our dogs along in the car, but how do we ensure their safety as well as the safety of others?


The safest product available is the MIM Safe Variocage -- the only crash test certified and approved cage on the market.

This website will give you comprehensive information regarding our crash test certified safety cages and crash tested harnesses, all of which provide reliable protection to both people and their pets in the event of an accident.

We also offer additional high quality pet travel, safety and convenience products from Europe.

As fellow pet owners, we take the safety and security of loved ones very seriously. Our website contains a wealth of information on Safe Pet Travel, so please feel free to explore and learn more.

Your commitment to your pet is for life … so is ours
           - 4x4 North America, Inc.



line Our products have undergone exhaustive and stringent tests performed by the following U.S. and International Safety Testing Organizations.

mga-research   sp-technical-institute   tuv-nord   tuvsud


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"Your commitment to your pet is for life ... so is ours"
- 4x4 North America, Inc.