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MIM Safe Variocage – The safest way to travel with your pet.

MIM Safe Variocage is the only crash test certified and approved dog cage on the market and the most rigorously tested and proven dog transport cage in the world.

Variocage is designed and constructed to deliver the highest level of safety. The MIM Safe Variocage is the only dog cage on the market that is proven to best withstand impacts experienced during all types of collisions.

Protect yourself, your family and your pet from the devastating effects of a collision, where lesser restraints may allow your dog to become a deadly projectile within the vehicle.

Reduce the risks in a serious rear-end collision, where the Variocage mimics the function of the vehicle’s crumple-zones, greatly diminishing the possible injuries to your dog and passengers.

Don’t just take our word for it. The MIM Safe Variocage has been certified to meet or exceed stringent crash test safety standards established by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe.

The Variocage comes in 4 adjustable models and 14 sizes; there is sure to be one that fits your vehicle and the needs of your dog.

Variocage includes a built-in key lock for security. In the event of an accident, a trapped dog can be released via the unique escape hatch. All models are equipped with a rubber carpet for comfort, quiet, and ease of cleaning.


“Safety for both human occupants and pets has always been the driving force behind KleinMetall and MIM, the manufacturers of AllSafe Harness and MIM Safe Variocage. Combined, these companies have over 40 years of experience designing, testing and manufacturing hundreds of crash tested products for the European automotive industry. 4x4 North America shares this commitment and is proud to offer these proven safety products here in North America.”

Richard J. Casey, President, 4x4 North America, Inc.


Why choose MIM Safe Variocage?



How does the MIM Safe Variocage compare to other dog cages?

The MIM Safe Variocage is constructed of steel with telescopic tubes and two individual parts for the floor and roof, which allows for adjustment of the cage length. This adjustable feature also benefits crash safety by working with the vehicle's crumple zone. In a rear-end collision, the floors, ceilings and the telescopic tubes will be pushed together. This reduces the risk of injury for all vehicle passengers – canine and human.

When MIM Safe crash tested a regular steel cage with a solid frame, it broke the back seat. The MIM Safe Variocage has a crumple zone just like the car, which means that it will deform – just like your vehicle will – in reaction to a severe impact. This feature allows the rear seat to remain intact reducing the risk of injury to humans.

The MIM Safe Variocage also reduces the risk of injury to your dog because it is designed to minimize puncture wounds and lacerations from the cage material.

The structural integrity of Variocage prevents your dog from becoming a dangerous flying object, being thrown from the vehicle or escaping after an accident. The escape hatch allows you to easily remove your dog from the cage in the event that the rear cargo door cannot be opened.

Don't Leave Their Lives to Chance.


In the above photo, taken shortly after an accident, the vehicle has been heavily damaged and the driver was taken to the hospital, but the dog travelling in the MIM Safe Variocage survived in perfect health.

MIM Safe Variocage offers the highest level of safety

Over the past twenty years, MIM Construction AB has designed and manufactured over 350 crash tested automotive safety products that are effective in reducing the risk of serious injury or death for drivers, passengers, and pets. MIM has gained extensive experience and knowledge from hundreds of crash tests where MIM designs and products have been utilized.

Variocage is based on MIM's experience in the production of auto safety products and accessories. Variocage incorporates the same crumple zone engineering principles used by automobile manufacturers to reduce the potentially devastating impact of a serious collision.

Double cage with detachable mid-section

The Variocage Double features a movable center divider that is easily adjustable if one of the dogs needs more space. If you have a large dog or if you want to give a single dog more space, this center divider is easily removed.


  Single cage provides plenty of space

The Variocage Single is safe and very practical. It is designed to provide protection while leaving sufficient space for other cargo.

Escape hatch

If you are unable to open the Variocage front door, the escape hatch can be used. With a few simple steps, you can easily remove your dog.

Crumple zone

In a rear-end collision, the cage will compress in a controlled manner, just like the crumple zones of the car. This prevents the rear seat-back from being penetrated or pushed forward by the cage, thus minimizing the risk of damage to both the passengers and the dog.



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"Your commitment to your pet is for life ... so is ours"
- 4x4 North America, Inc.